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MAKit – Multi Application Kit – empowers you to create tailor-made solutions for your problem. Select from a wide range of modules that provide functionality or interact with other systems or external hardware. Everything is perfectly integrated into a single application with a modern user interface focused on usability and flexible workflows.


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MAKit Modules

We offer a wide range of modules available for MAKit. For development of custom modules or integration of other hardware contact us.


Display information on vehicles, personnel, material, machines or any other entity in different environments including optional equipment management (e.g. for usage in combination with laser-duel systems).


Display geodata from Microsoft Bing or OpenStreetMap or OSM sources.

Geodata Interfaces

Display geodata from Shapefiles or via Web Map Service (WMS).

Offline Geodata

Use an integrated server for offline geodata providing.

GPS Tracking

Track positions of entities via external GPS trackers and get notifications if tracked entities enter or leave specified areas. Supports integrating with Geodata modules for live position tracking.

DIS Interface

Integrate tracking and entities via Distributed Interactive Simulation Protocol with third-party software like Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3).

Laser Duel Systems

Integrate external laser-duel systems (e.g. Simgun) including full remote control and gameplay mechanics.

Laser Duel Simulator

Simulate missions or players for laser-duel scenarios.


PDF export of custom generated reports of any gathered data.

Viewing Stations

Display live data on multiple machines using the same user interface.

Upcoming Modules

Drone Management

Camera Feed

Health Tracking Vests

Pain Vests

Predefined Packs

Command. Control. Analyze.

Organize. Observe. Verify.

MAKit Custom

Choose from the modules above and configure the pack fitting your needs.

More information

A – Command. Control. Analyze.

You have to manage many data sets of entities during an open field training?

   Where are the squads? Where are my soldiers?


What is the status of each participant?

   Who got what score and results?


You have to deal with one or more of the following subjects?



  • Choose the training location
  • Set up targets & treats with GPS and/or via VBS
  • Customize unit and weapon settings
  • Save the settings to use and share them later


  • Load predefined mission settings
  • Calibrate and fine adjust the scenario
  • Determine additional training goals
  • Manage team and squad structures


  • Detailed event log and live GPS tracking
  • Trigger real/virtual events & threats at runtime
  • Follow the training via server client connection
  • The whole training will be captured


  • Load previously saved training information
  • Analyze the complete training history
  • Compare the results of various trainings
  • Use the knowledge for the next session

Then MAKit C²A is the right choice:

C²A - Command. Control. Analyze.

Designed for laser duel systems, this package creates a powerful connection between virtual and real world information. Via various interfaces (e.g. DIS) actions in virtual environments (e.g. VBS3) can have direct effects on live trainings and vice versa. Evaluation of trainings is additionally enhanced by customizable display of geoinformation and map data.

Simgun Requirement

For questions regarding integration of the laser duel system of your choice, contact us.

Map Overview

Entity Management

Multiple Screen Setup

Installed Modules




GPS Tracking

Laser Duel Systems

Laser Duel Simulator

DIS Interface

V – Organize. Observe. Verify.

You have to keep track of several entities?

   Where are our trucks, workers, cranes?


You need to verify entities?

   Are these goods supposed to be moved?


You have to surveil a large building or construction site?

   Has everybody left a danger zone?


  • Organize your entities
  • Arrange all entities in groups and subgroups
  • Add information to any entity to stay on top of things


  • Keep track of the actual location of each entity
  • Use camera drones to get live views of multiple locations
  • Synchronize everything across multiple workstations


  • Impede theft by tracking locations of goods or vehicles
  • Check whether a vehicle is allowed to enter a certain area
  • Combine information of drones and static camera feeds

Then MAKit O²V is the right choice:

O²V - Organize. Observe. Verify.

Optimized for effortless surveillance, this package combines classical static camera feeds, GPS tracking and modern video drones into a single map view. Setup automatic notifications if observed entities move, enter or leave specified areas. Use provided geodata or import your custom geodata using standardized formats (e.g. Shapefiles, WMS), to improve your monitoring.

Overview & Live Construction Site

Installed Modules



Geodata Interface

GPS Tracking

Drone Management

Camera Feed

Viewing Stations

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