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Individual Software

Not only do we create custom software, we build handtailored solutions to your business problems with focus on usability, maintainability and adaptability.

Software Interface Integration / Database

As with hardware systems, we have years of experience in seamless integration of disparate software. Bringing in knowledge of various database structures our software integrations facilitate real-time information access and system maintainability.

Hardware Integration

While challenging for many, our developers are highly proficient in integrating hardware interfaces into our software. Thanks to our sophisticated modular software stucture we are able to implement and display multiple different devices with no negative influence on usability or fault tolerance.

GeoData Interfaces / Customizable MapData

We take special pride in being able to select and implement the right depiction of map data for our monitoring and surveiling solutions. Be it custom printed originals or standard web interfaces, we make the right choice.

Engine Compatibility

Having worked years with various 3D graphic engines we forge implementations that are able to work compatible with the engine of your choice.

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