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Customer-oriented Design

We create user interfaces and experiences based on the needs of our customers. Whether in concept phase of your application or its redesign before shipping, we draw on our know-how to provide professional work.

Complex WPF Applications

Even with complex information density, each application needs a user-friendly interface, which is quick and easy to learn. We offer the best experience for your individual software.

Versatile Mobile Apps

Each app needs an informative and clear structure. A consistent style for buttons, menus, icons and an optimized color scheme is our goal to fit the needs of the app’s users.

Authentic Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality grants a huge amount of possibilities but also comes around with some challenges. Designing 3D user interfaces, we provide VR applications with easy-to-use and natural feeling controls involving common hardware and hand- & eye-tracking.

Intuitive Gamification

Based on years of knowledge in developing our own game projects, we are able to create play- and helpful mechanics. Fun improves the learing process and work effiency.

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